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Original Florex stands for:

  • longstanding experience
  • our love for detail
  • high quality standards and our big variety of products
  • since 1998
  • unrivalled selection in fragrance, colour & design
  • uniquely moisturizing and creamy consistency
  • handmade quality products with love

Original Florex sheep milk soaps are available in over 200 fragrances and colours nowadays, and therefore offer our costumers a wide range of choices for any occasion and season. Alongside our standard soaps, our assortment also comprises cold stirred soaps, soaps in different shapes and soaps that are packed and decorated with lost of love and care.

For quite some time now we also succesfully carry welness- and body care products in our shop. The prodcut assortment in this category reaches from liquid soaps to creams and even bath-accessoires and towels. So in conclusion we carry everything that soothes the body and soul.

For us, reliability and quality are very important:
Our most important principle is to offer our customers THE best quality and satisfaction.

The high-quality original Florex sheep milk soaps provide outstanding skin care through the effect of lanolin and plant based oils. They also make the skin soft and silky and give it a pleasant fragrance. The sheep milk soaps are made in Austria, packed and decorated with a lot of commitment and love on our farm, and then sold nationally and abroad.

We are now working for more than 20 years, for the satisfaction and happiness of our customers!


Gerlinde Hofer with the entire Florex-Team