Frequently asked questions about our soap


> How are our sheep milk soaps made?

Florex sheep milk soaps are a product of breaking down vegetable fats and oils. We only use organic sheep milk from Austria for our soaps.

While producing our sheep's milk soaps, the vegetable fats and oils are mixed with caustic soda and are then boiled. This process is called soap boiling, the chemical reaction is called saponification. The vegetable fats and oils are breaking down into glycerine and the actual soap. The resulting “curd soap” is roughly mixed in a mixer and the resulting product is enriched with coloring, sheep milk, herbs, essential oils and the skin-friendly sheep's wool fat lanolin. Afterwards this mass, called dough, is put into the rolling mill in order to achieve the most homogeneous consistency and beautiful shine possible.

The next step is rolling; the soap is rolled into a very thin sheet. It then finds its way on to the extruder and is formed into a block. Finally, our sheep milk soaps are brought into the desired shape with the punching machine.

> How well can sensitive skin handle the sheep milk soap?

Since sheep milk is of animal origin, this ingredient can be absorbed particularly well by our skin and also have positive effects on deeper layers of skin.


Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, sheep milk soap is also suitable for sensitive and irritated skin.

> Where does the organic sheep milk come from?

The organic sheep milk that we use for our soaps is from Austria.

> How do the cold-stirred soaps differ from the cold-stirred special soaps?

Only high-quality oils and high-quality fragrances are used in the gentle production of our cold-stirred soap. The natural glycerine, which is produced during the saponification, is retained and distinguishes this soap through its gentle and skin-friendly attributes.

Our cold-stirred special soaps also contain other high-quality ingredients, such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, rosemary oil, shea butter, marigold extract, guar gum and lanolin.

The special soaps are specially made for certain uses in everyday life.

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